HD Davis CPAs, LLC was founded in 2007 by Harold Davis with a unique spin on the traditional accounting firm.  Following a long and successful career including the founding of two "traditional" accounting firms, Harold wanted to expand on his business coaching services and work closer with his clients.  In 2009, Harold met and hired a young, local accountant who fit his non-traditional mold-Tim Petrey.  Tim joined Harold and his team of professionals, and the vision began to bloom.  HD Davis CPAs has grown from a total of four staff in one location to over twenty professional staff among three locations following the acquisition of six firms!


not your father’s bean counters

At HD Davis CPAs, we value our relationships with our clients.  The formula is simple...our clients' success  is directly related to ours.

From individuals to booming businesses, we understand our clients on a personal level.  We take the extra time and energy to help our clients achieve their goals.  Our staff is trained to review our clients' information not only through the eyes of an accountant but also from the view of a business coach.

We utilize cutting-edge technology to spend less time counting beans and more time determining ways for our clients to get more of the beans.