Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness

By In Blog On January 17, 2017

Growing your business and/or personal wealth are not “set it and forget it” types of things. You need to constantly adapt to the world around you.

Are you meeting with your financial advisor regularly to adapt to the changes in your financial goals? Are you saving enough money? Are your investments paying off enough to maintain your current lifestyle? A financial advisor can point you to several strategies you can implement to keep your financial health on track.

Are you meeting with your CPA on a semi-regular basis to keep up with your business finances, and are you making sure you take advantage of tax regulations and potential loopholes? CPAs know the tax code, and they can help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

You don’t stay in shape by eating one salad a year, so what makes you think that an overview of your financial situation is sufficient once a year? You should meet with your financial advisor and/or CPA at least once every month or two, even if it’s just a quick five-minute phone call.

Sometimes a different perspective can go a long way. We like to think of ourselves as not just CPAs, but as sounding boards, financial coaches, consultants and your friends on the road to prosperity. We can help organize your data in a way that helps you make the right decisions at the right time.

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