New Year, New You – Seriously Though, Let’s Crush 2023!!



Hey All,

A resolution is just a goal and setting short-term goals is important in any business. Here are some of my favorites.

1.) Take the time to identify who your BEST customers are. Now the tricky part is coming up with a list of things that make a customer the BEST. This could be as simple as a male, female, millennial, baby boomer, parent, single, dog lover, cat lover, pays on time, likes football, loves the weather, enjoys reading books, enjoys cheeseburgers, etc… This is harder than it sounds for some of your businesses but important nonetheless.

2.) Take the time to identify who your BEST employees are. Same story as above. What makes them a great employee? What makes them someone you love to work with? What makes them great at their job? What kind of experience do they have? What work do they enjoy doing?

3.) Work with your team to get more of #1 and #2. Seems simple enough right? Do you have advisors in your business that can help you identify these? If not, maybe it’s time to hire a different kind of advisor.

One of the main challenges in our world isn’t going anywhere. Hiring and retaining a great group of people takes a ton of time and effort. We all need to accept the fact this may not change any time soon. The demographic mathematics are simple. We’ve all had plenty of time to complain about it; now it’s time to start working on a solution.

Making sure that you’re eliminating BAD employees and BAD clients allows you to focus on your GOOD employees and GOOD clients. It seems simple, again, I get it, but you’d be shocked as to how many people just don’t do this. Firing bad employees and bad clients creates a better experience for the good ones—that better experience can translate to charging a higher price and actually making more money due to the fact that you’re now doing a better job or creating a better product.

We all need to focus our efforts on embracing what we are best at and do that. The days of trying to be everything to everyone are gone. There is simply too much work to do for those of us remaining in the workforce.

Our team at HD Davis CPAs is focused on so much more than just taxes and accounting work. Our goal is for our clients to look at us as an invaluable member of their team. We’ve made some huge investments in our business to be better suited to help our clients solve their toughest problems.

We’re looking forward to CRUSHING the New Year with our clients and our team. We’re grateful to have had another year in 2022 to get to do what we love with people we truly enjoy working with.

Happy New Year!



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