Reducing Sweaty Palms With Effective Hiring and Firing Tips
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Reducing Sweaty Palms With Effective Hiring and Firing Tips

By In Blog On November 30, 2017

Hiring and firing represent two of the most difficult tasks in business, especially in small or start up companies where so much is at stake. Unfortunately, companies are often quick to hire and slow to fire. This translates to problems. The following points illustrate these issues and suggest solutions.

Focus on Job Skills

Knowing the skills required to get a job done well helps you determine the qualities needed in a new hire. Convincing yourself that a candidate fits the bill because the chemistry is right, he or she is a quick learner or fits the majority of the profile leads to problems.

Issues of employee ill-fit rest with the one hiring. Assessing the depth of knowledge and capability of candidates ensures a fit for the position and job requirements. Your company’s forward movement boosts as a result of hiring well-qualified candidates.

On the other hand, employees needing ongoing direction and training due to a lack of skills slows your roll. To avoid this problem, draft clear and specific job descriptions and commit to hiring only those qualified. Also, take your time in the hiring process. The urgency to get someone in place often leads to a quick and uninformed decision.

Mix Compassion With Rules

Cutting someone from the team for one small mistake proves brutal. On the other hand, letting him or her off the hook for the same or continuing mistakes fails the employee and harms your business. Assessing employees requires patience but also taking a hard line when the rules are breached.

Giving employees the opportunity to correct mistakes builds ownership and tends to turn employees around. However, if an employee fails to perform the tasks required by his or her job, you need to fire. Again, a clear job description is your ally here. Finding a replacement who meets the challenge, when the situation call for it, profits you and your business.

Tough Love Pays Off

Sensitivity and compassion require truth, not avoidance. Allowing employees to continue in ill-fitting roles or to underperform holds them and you hostage to reduced productivity, lessened potential and decreased job satisfaction. When issues arise with an employee, the compassionate act is to correct it or fire him or her.

Left unaddressed, employee problems rise to heated levels and cause greater, even irreparable, damage. Furthermore, allowing people to underperform or skirt the rules deprives them of improving and reaching their potential.

Hiring the right people erects a firm foundation for young companies to build upon. While a wrong hire may still occur, firing sooner rather than later protects your business and benefits both you and the person leaving the company.

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