Sell your practice.

Due to aging U.S. demographics, there are a TON of professionals like you who are looking to retire soon.  One of your valuable assets is your accounting and tax practice.  Not only do you want to get a fair value for selling your practice, but you also want to maintain your legacy in the community that you have served for so many years!

In the last five years, HD Davis CPAs has successfully purchased eight retiring CPA/bookkeeping tax practices with revenues from $60,000 to $320,000.  With us, you know that your transition to retirement will be performed properly and the result will be something that you can always be proud of.  Once the purchase negotiations have completed, we will place a qualified partner/manager with an equity interest directly into the firm.  We will brand the new office as HD Davis but will maintain your name as well – on signage, letterhead, etc.  This keeps your legacy alive!

reasons to call HD Davis when considering selling your practice

  1. Quality Client ServiceOur staff has transitioned eight other firms retaining over 93% of all clients. You can be sure once you have sold that HD Davis CPAs will service even your most demanding clients without requiring your involvement at a similar fee scale.
  2. Up front moneyHD Davis CPAs will pay significant up-front money based on a fair price for your practice based on our standardized business valuation. This is the same valuation methods you have been using for your clients for years.
  3. No Brokerage FeesHD Davis CPAs will buy your firm without brokers and continue your firm, usually from your current location.
  4. Optional Continued InvolvementHD Davis CPAs will allow the seller to continue working at a set, hourly rate for as long and as much time as the seller desires. You can continue full-time, part-time, only during tax season or not at all.
  5. ExperienceHD Davis CPAs focuses on smaller firms like yours in smaller urban and rural settings. We don’t need to convince you.

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