How long should I keep my records?

Federal law requires you to maintain copies of your tax returns and supporting documents for three years. This is called the “three-year law” and leads many people to believe they’re safe provided the retain their documents for this period of time. However, if the IRS believes you have significantly under-reported your income (by 25 percent … Read more

What are some of the new tax laws that are relevant to me?

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act imposed many new tax laws for business entities and individuals. For some of the most common changes, visit our tax tips page. include TCJA webinar

When can I expect to receive my tax refund?

Typically this could take up to a couple weeks but also depends on the time of year, method of refund (mailed check or direct deposit), and if the tax return filed is an original or amended return. For more information, visit our tax tips page.

How can I pay my bill?

We accept cash, check and money order made payable to HD Davis CPAs, LLC, and debit/credit cards. Please mail payments (do not mail cash) to: HD Davis CPAs, LLC 125 Churchill Hubbard Road Youngstown, OH 44505