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figure_helping_up_buddy_400_clr_11080ARE YOU READY TO RUN YOUR OWN FIRM?

Accounting is a unique profession that allows top employees to eventually become owners of the business… sometimes.  More often, equity is put off year after year; empty promise after empty promise.  And when you finally get the chance to buy in…?  Quite often, your buy-in is at an inflated value, for a small piece and you have to borrow from the existing partners at inflated rates to fund THEIR retirement.

If you are lucky… in the end, you own a small piece of the pie, and still have little control over your future.  If you’re lucky.

Wouldn’t you rather own your own small firm and control your own future?



Give Harold Davis a call at 330-759-8522 (ext 102) if you have what it takes to run a small firm.  If you qualify, we will aggressively seek to acquire a firm in your area, and will place you in that firm as a Partner as well as provide you with everything you need to be successful!  Some of the things we will provide for you include:

  • Income Tax (UltraTax), Microsoft, Quickbooks… and other needed office software
  • Centralized appointment-setting and telephone receptionist with Voice over Internet Protocol System
  • Billings – With your final input as to billing adjustments.
  • Staffing – If you have an overflow of work at any time, we have trained Audit, Payroll, Income Tax Prep, QuickBooks and Peachtree bookkeepers, ready to step in and help you in person or remotely.  Your new firm will only pay the piecemeal staff for per billable hour on your clients. Your decision to use centralized staff is your choice which directly reflects on your final compensation.
  • Training – We will train you and your staff so that all HD Davis CPAs offices can efficiently service your clients in a professional systematized efficient manner.
  • Trained IT staff – We have qualified full-time IT staff who exclusively works on long-term and aggravating IT issues which might occur both in your new office and to your clients.
  • Third Party QuickBooks technology – Our systemized approach to bookkeeping includes third party venders to extend the efficiency of using QuickBooks way beyond normal usage. We have also developed several third party solutions in-house.
  • Marketing and Advertising help and materials. – Obviously, firm growth is essential for your long-term success.  We help you with materials and best practices to ensure your success!

If this sounds interesting to you, either call Harold @ 330-759-8522 (x102) or email him at harold@hddaviscpas.pro to set up a time to chat.