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Why People Should Shop on Small Business Saturday

By In Blog On November 22, 2017

Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 25, 2017. Every day is a great day to support small businesses, but make sure to come out and support you local businesses and take care of your holiday shopping at the same time.

Support Your Community

Shopping with local businesses creates a strong community. When local shops and businesses thrive they lift the community up. Local businesses create jobs within the community and will likely do work with other local businesses. This improves and strengthens the local economy. Please check out this video about Shopping Small in the Yo by Pebble Media!

Enjoy Unique and Local Items

Small businesses cater their offerings to reflect what members of the community want. All businesses strive to do this, but local businesses have a better sense and understanding of what their neighbors want. Local favorites that may not be available at big box stores can be found in locally owned and operated shops. Whether it is a specific type of bread found in a bakery or clothing made from locally sourced materials these items represent the local culture and history. Small business owners are part of the community they serve, so they understand what that community wants.

Keep Money and Tax Revenue in the Community

Small businesses reinvest in the community. When you spend your money with small businesses they in turn spend that money in the community. Whether it be in the form of paying wages to their staff, sourcing materials from local vendors, working with a local insurance agent or covering any of the other expenses they face. Shopping at small businesses also keeps tax revenue in the community. This is money that will be spent to cover local services and improvements. Keeping money in the community benefits the community.

Shop Local

Mark your calendar and make sure to get out there on Saturday, November 25, 2017 for Small Business Saturday! Supporting small businesses supports the community in terms of creating jobs and improving the local economy. Small businesses often provide unique products that appeal and represent the community.

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